Hunted by raiders, a band of crusading knights escorting the holy grail are forced into a forbidden valley of black death. What they discover is far more terrifying than the plague. Overrun by hordes of flesh-eating zombies, their only chance for survival is to hack and slash their way to freedom.

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This one took me for a surprise - I was expecting to laugh and roll my eyes throughout watching it but instead I became engrossed in the story and that was a pleasant surprise for me. I actually liked the film. I do wish the "Z" zombies would have been a little less at times and a little better than they were BUT it didn't take away from the actual story-line - and I know it is a "B" film (not a lot of money to make it so the "Z" zombies were easily overlooked by me in favor of the tale). I was routing for the Priest since the beginning... and he is the main/core character. The one guy who seemed very angry at the witch (the warrior) I thought would make it close or to the very end but that didn't happen. I wasn't sure about the other men in the group if some could make it out of there alive!! I'm not a big fan of zombies (only a small handful of zombie films I actually like) - but this zombie/knight film gave me another zombie flick I can actually enjoy watching. The dark gray, bleak atmosphere and a band of men with a goal did something for me - I enjoyed the watch. 8.5/10

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