A paranormal-obsessed man mounts his own investigation into the beyond with his depressed best friend, misfit nephew, a cable access medium and an overeager security guard.

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I was not expecting much at all from this movie, but was pleasantly surprised. This movie did not make me burst out laughing or fall out of my seat in terror, but it kept me thoroughly engaged for the full duration. It may be feel mildly warm, happy, and sometimes anxious. I was left with the feeling that this movie was exactly as it was meant to be, a throwback to cheesy horror of the nineties, with a lot of heart. If you've never been on a lame ghost hunt with your friends before, you may not get it. But for those of us who remember poking around in attics, researching old houses on microfilm at the library, ouija boards and candles, and just getting plain scared with your friends, then you will understand this movie, even if the characters are a little old for that stuff. This movie never attempts to fall back on lame jokes to force a laugh, like the Seth Rogan over-used brand of weed and butt one- liners. It could have but didn't, and I was so appreciative of that. 5 stars for not being a movie for which I would have to make fun of my boyfriend for thinking it was a good idea to watch on a date. 1 star for characters who never become disassociated killers, even under stress. 1 star for the laid back and realistic ending.

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