Entrusted with the mystical moonstone--the very source of the fairies' magic--the always kind and well-meaning fairy, Tinker Bell, has to make sure that the precious pixie dust remains in ample supply. For the first time in eight years, the magnificent Blue Harvest Moon in this year's Autumn Revelry will invigorate the treasured Pixie Dust Tree; however, an innocent mistake will send Tink on a very important secret mission. Now, only the power of friendship and little Tinker Bell's determination can save Pixie Hollow. Will everything work out?

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Our family enjoys these Tinkerbell movies. So nice to watch a movie without a villain and that explores emotions as related to friend relationships. Also nice that there isn't any really frightening images or creatures. It's annoying how so many animated features gear towards pleasing adults with innuendos that sometimes fly over children's heads. These Tinkerbell movies appeal to children and adults without being crude and having to make us laugh every couple of minutes. They are charming and visually stunning. I like how Tinkerbell sees the error of her ways and makes good with Terrance in the end. Good moral to the story and very entertaining! I hope they will continue to make these movies.

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