When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.

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First of all, I'm the father of a daughter. If things happen like this I believe I would do most the same as this dad did in the movie. A message to some people seeing this is a nonsense movie, here are my concluding: 1. In real life, You have to imagine there will be a lot more worse and more stupid people than bad guys in the movie that you could never understand WHY! 2. in case no one trusts you, you have to find your own way to solve the problem, not to wait for any congenial ideas from any men, from any government. Because they are not living in your mind, not in your urgent time, not understand your situation, not living for your life, do not expect any empathy if they don't have it... So don't wait for them to say in their final word that is "we are sorry"... In this particular scene, no men can search for his family among thousand of islands within 1 night and 1 morning, so don't blame that he is stupid unless you put yourself into this... 3. If the father waits for the police to catch that Haiti and tracing banking account, cell phone, interviewing suspects, doing process kinds of stuff... the next day will be wasted forever and could lead to the death of 2 fresh bodies...

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