The story follows four people who live in the same building, but avoid each other because of the differences in their assets, sexual habits, nationality and religion.

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The only reason I didn't give it 10 stars is because I'm so sick and tired of films that deal with xenophobia, homophobia, Ustaše and Chetniks, Croats and Serbs that I wanna puke! THAT BEING SAID, this is one of the best Croatian films I have seen in a loooong time. Characters and story do seem a bit cliché at first, but the excellent acting and story progression take it to another level. The acting is amazing on so many levels, Ksenija Marinković and Dejan Aćimović are great at portraying middle age working class couple, but Nebojša Glogovac should win like an Oscar or something! He went through multiple transformations, from the inside and outside, and both like an actor and as a character. He does this with such an ease that I think he is the best actor of his generation in the entire ex-Yu area. On the level of screenplay structure and writing the film is close to perfection. There is no redundant information , unnecessary dialog or action, every element is driven by the vision of the whole picture. In short Ante Tomić nailed it. The director Rajko Grlić is not imposing with his style, there is no sign of some outside ego that is messing up the natural flow and rhythm of the film. Obviously the guy is a master and very at ease with what's he doing. Finally, maybe this film is not for everybody's taste, but I think everybody should at least try it. It brings out sadness and then in an unexpected moment turns it into a smile, sometimes even a laughter. That is something that surprised me and drew me in completely.

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