Forty-something Erwan works as a bomb-disposal expert, clearing explosives and mines that have been buried in the Gallic soil since WWII. While such a job has its share of risks, Erwan's personal life is much more of a minefield: His daughter Juliette is pregnant, but doesn't know - and doesn't want to know - who the father is. Meanwhile, a DNA test reveals that his own dad Bastien is not who he says he is, sending his son off on a quest to find the real one. After consulting a private detective Cécile, he learns that his actual father, Joseph, lives only a few towns away. As good things come in pairs, Erwan crosses paths with the elusive Anna, who he undertakes to seduce. But one day when he pays Joseph a visit, he realizes that Anna, a veterinarian is in fact his half-sister. This bomb is even harder to defuse because his adoptive father now suspects that Erwan is hiding something from him.

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