2044. The climate change and a series of solar storms have turned in a desert the surface of the planet and annihilated to the 99.7 % of Earth's population, leaving alive 21 million people across the world in a single city covered by mechanical clouds (zeppelins anchored to the city) to make rain. Trying to rebuild the world again, a robot company named ROC Corporation create Automata Pilgrim 7000 with two security protocols: 1st, a robot cannot harm human beings, and 2nd, a robot cannot alter himself or another robot. But this situation changes when police officer Sean Wallace shoots and destroys a robot claiming that it was altering himself. With the company worried by the possible implications if the case were known by the people, insurance agent Jacq Vaucan is chose to investigate the happened, while Vaucan tries to convince his boss, friend and brother-in-law Robert Bold to transfer him and his pregnant wife Rachel to the coast, with Bold accepting the request if Vaucan solves ...

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I thought this would be a bad movie because of Griffith and Antonio but it is a pretty decent movie. Yes, it is an iRobot theme movie in that the robots become self-aware but that is it. The acting is pretty good, a little gritty but definitely worth watching. There were scenes where the acting by Antonio was really well done where you feel the character's frustration. At least, Antonio's character isn't a retired Black Ops guy or a super-cop rather he is a regular Joe tired with life getting caught up is some craziness. With so many bad sci-fi movies out this year and last, this is pretty decent and worth watching. Also, checkout Cargo a sci-fi from Germany back in 2009.

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