When Melanie and Ally Porter visit France, they pack their bags for fun and plot a rendezvous with adventure! Sent to Paris to visit their grandfather, the girls fall in love with France and fall head-over heels for two French boys! Sightseeing on mopeds, they race around Paris on a mission to see the city, make new friends and stay one step ahead of their uptight chaperon. From shopping at French boutiques, to exploring Notre Dame and dinner dates at the Eiffle Tower, it's one hilarious exploit after another.

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First off, anyone saying this movie is bad , needs to get over themselves. While it seems the twins are boy crazy all the time in their movies...what girl isn't, it still has heart and cool attitude...like when they ride in the motorbikes and the song Sugar plays full blast and J Man is trying to hunt them down, they are walking or rather driving on the wild side. So I thought that was a cool shot. What is great is that this is really filmed in France, I hate when movies who are rich enough to film in where they are suppose to and don't film there. I love the super model, she's so sweet and cute to the twins. The Grandpa, the whole cast is great. But...mostly I want to know, what is the song called when the paintings are flying, and who is it by? Also, what is that opening classical song in It Takes Two? I have in my mind its Chopin since he was mentioned in the film but I couldn't be sure. So what is the name of it and who plays it.

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