An alien ship comes into earth orbit to drop a probe . The probe lands in the ocean only to be eaten by a Great White. Soon he turns into RoboShark much to the dismay of a Nuclear Sub in the area. Once finished he heads to Portland , (reality is Seattle) where he is already being tweeted of his actions , while RoboShark's actions are being followed by a news crew , while the daughter of the reporter he follows is the very same daughters whose tweet he is following. Now the US NAVY is after RoboShark while he burrows away through rock as well as water to the delight of his tweeters. Causing damage along the way only to have a final confrontation with the Navy at the iconic symbol of Seattle, the Space Needle.

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Like most of the crazy shark movies in this now bizarrely sizable sub-genre, Roboshark is a concept searching the seas for a plot to justify its existence. So, from a hasty robotising of an innocent Great White, we quickly get to the shark rampage, with our robot fish effortlessly destroying a nuclear submarine before turning it's teeth on Seattle. The various human characters just tend to turn up and stare (although Matt Rippy and Nigel Barber just go for it and have fun with their roles). As said, the plot of the film really makes no sense as the Roboshark generally just causes mayhem and eats humans aplenty (and destroys sewage plants), but then suddenly goes all E.T. (quite literally) and bonds with young Melody via her social media account, who then implores the military to lay off their attacks because her new mechanical friend is, well, friendly. As the film liberally cites other movies (Dr Strangelove, Close Encounters, E.T. and Sharknado), nothing is very serious, but that still leaves the issue of a film that really makes little sense beyond its alien-created-killer-shark-running-amok concept (with a little social media addiction commentary thrown in, but if you are going to use onscreen messaging gimmicks, you need to make the messages a little more legible for the viewers). As such, the silliness and static quality of some scenes can become tiresome at times, and the issue of rival broadcast journalists fighting for the Roboshark scoop is not exactly thrilling. Finally, that the narrative is not always magnetic is perhaps evident in the times when I found my mind wandering to unanswered questions that the film raises: Given that the Roboshark eats a number of people, what happens to them? As the Roboshark is a robot, one would presume that there is no digestive activity going on, so are the victims always inside the shark? If so, are they still alive? If not, is there a limit to how many people the Roboshark can eat since the bodies will just clog up the machinery at some stage? If it is a robot, why does it eat people in the first place? Or is it a cyborg shark, thus retaining some organic material and functions? I really want the answers to these mysteries!

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