Having always wanted to be a disc-jockey, Howard Stern works his way painfully from radio at his 1970's college to a Detroit station. It is with a move to Washington that he hits on an outrageous off-the-wall style that catches audience attention. Despite his on-air blue talk, at home he is a loving husband. He needs all the support he can get when he joins NBC in New York and comes up against a very different vision of radio.

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I am not that much of a Howard Stern fan which is basically to say that I choose not to listen to him on account I think he is an ass. However this movie was pretty good. I never thought I would want to learn anything about Howard Stern or even care to. This movie (if in fact that it is accurate) gave what seemed to be a good idea of what Howard Stern was all about. Basically a semi-normal guy who shares his life on the radio good and bad and likes to shock people basically.........., because he can, and some people like that. The movie was good, and the character development was a definite plus. I realize now that he does a majority of this stuff to get that SHOCK value but like I said in the beginning, I still think he is an ass, and just about anyone around him other than Robin Quivers are just a bunch of little "yes" men and want to be in his group, just to be there.

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