Metalhead Brodie is sent to live with his Christian aunt and uncle and meat-head cousin after his drug addicted mother is sent away. Brodie seems unable to fit in, until he meets the mysterious Zakk at a record store. Joined by their love of metal, the two form the metal band Deathgasm, along with fellow outcasts Dion and Giles. However, when Brodie and Zakk break into the house of metal star Rikki Daggers they find mysterious sheet music known as The Black Hymn. Deathgasm plays the Black Hymn, which unleashes a demon known as Aeloth who possesses the town's citizens. Now it's up to Deathgasm and popular girl Medina to fight demons, prevent the apocalypse, and save the day.

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What can I say about this so-called horror comedy. On part of the hahahaha I must say that I almost never had a smile on my face because there's nothing to laugh about. The only moment that I did laugh is when they use sex attributes to go kill the demons. Luckily the horror part is worth watching if you are into gore. it does, due the accent, remind me of the ultra gore in Braindead (1992). This is what this flick is all about, nothing scary, a weak story with two nerds summon some devilish demons with their metal music and from there on they fight against them with all items they can find. Gore galore, neck some brewskies and enjoy it with friends, nothing more to see. Gore 5/5 Nudity 0,5/5 Effects 4/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 1/5

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