The hero independently raises his little daughter and works as a security guard in a nightclub. Work is simple, enough to live. At night, he is on duty, and during the day he can communicate with the girl, because he loves her so much. Once in a bar, a terrible fight takes place, the hero has to intervene, but the consequences were sad. As a result, he finds himself in a police station, and then he is sentenced to prison.

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It's amazing how an action movie star that has always been looked upon with a smirk and a snigger can appear in a film this captivating, dark and tense. Van Damme carries his role to the bloody end. Partly spoken French, partly spoken English but the film is totally French in style. And this is no criticism. Beautifully paced yet offbeat, this film captivates with subtle screenplay and suggestive scores that always convinces you that danger could be around the next corner. Such a contrast to Van Damme's former films that dissolve any interest when this film keeps you magnetised to the bitter end.

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