Following the murders at the Rollerdome, Skye Rotter leaves town in search of a normal life. Reunited with the mother who abandoned her as a child, Skye's dream of a happier life starts to take shape - until her serial killer father returns.

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My Super Psycho Sixteen: part 2 was a good movie. It had drama. mystery and gruesomeness. It starts of with Skye going to her mothers house who apparently abandoned her. THere was the Innocent girl, and there was the bitch as usual. Skye really seems the same, but just more calm. I loved that some of the characters from the first one where in this. Like a certain bitch ;]. The deaths must be more gruesome, of course it's a sequel, but the blood was just so fake. When someone got stabbed the blood would squirt out like if you squeeze a juice box and the juice squirts of the straw. But one particular death I just love. And I deff loved Stella Maeve in this, though she looked like Kesha in this, and she played her character well. Now the end was nice, you learn new things, and I wont say much but the end was an OK ending. The the very last minute left you wondering if they're gonna make a 3rd movie. And last but NOT least was the music. It could have been WAAAY better. so my grade of this movie is : 6/10

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