4 Harlem teens, Q, Bishop, Raheem and Steel, are out skipping school one day when they find out an old friend was killed in a shootout at a bar. After this, Bishop tells his friends that they have no respect, or juice. To get some, they rob a corner grocery store, but things take an unexpected turn. Only the four friends know what happened, but one of them is out for himself.

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A movie about 4 childhood friends from a "'hood" in there late high school years. Basically one of the guys in the clique lusts for "juice", in other words, respect and power. He lusts for it so much, he does some pretty crazy things... things that make you really dislike the character. Tupac Shakur, he plays this role. He did a great job acting, played the character very, very well. This movie never had any bad, boring, plain or corny moments to it. Throughout the whole movie was full of substance. This movie might not be for everyone however... but if you like 'hood movies, then this is an easy rec. If you like any drama movies, this is an easy rec. If you just like comedy movies, then I wouldn't recommend this to you. But, being me, I love the urban hood drama movies... and this one was one of the best was I've seen, 10/10 stars.

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